Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for The New York Times

150327_nyt_hartsfield_901Every time I pass through an airport, I find myself wanting to stop and take photos. The people, emotion, light, colors, it all comes together at airports like nowhere else. But it’s always so difficult to find time to take photos in an airport … there’s always the next plane or taxi to catch, or I’m just too focused on making it to my hotel and crashing that taking photographs is the last thing on my mind. But last week, I got a call from The New York Times to do what I’ve always wanted to —  wonder around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with a couple cameras and take photos of pretty things. So here’s what I saw there last Friday. (Caption for above photo: a plane is seen taking off from atop the hourly parking lot at Terminal South)

The story, about how Hartsfield’s growth is leveling off and Chicago’s O’Hare is stealing some it’s thunder in the “No. 1 Busiest Airport in the World” competition, can be found here: http://nyti.ms/1Dmz7wE.

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4 thoughts on “Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for The New York Times

  1. Great job Kevin, love them all. My favorites are the parking lot composition, the two guys walking in different directions and the lady waiting for her baggage. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Tom! Good to hear from you. Sorry I haven’t responded before now, a glitch prevented me from seeing that a comment had been posted.

  2. You have a God given talent and I saw your uga class offered in the paper, thank you for spreading the joy of photography and pictures. I have a friend Alisha Busby who has a small studio in her home and does on site photography. And I am going to recommend your class to her.Awesome colors!

    • Thank you so much, Joanie! Sorry I haven’t responded before, a glitch prevented me from seeing that a comment had been posted.

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