Mention on The Week on Instagram

The Week on InstagramI got a pleasant surprise today when my phone blew up — with Instagram notifications. It was all because Instagram mentioned me in their weekly roundup called “The Week on Instagram,” where they “look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe.” I got mentioned with some pretty amazing photographers. Check it out!

On the blog, Instagram used my image of Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn, specifically, his dreads. I shot that while on assignment for the Falcons a couple of weeks ago. It took a few attempts to get that image, it was hard to get directly behind him and close enough to throw the background out of focus. So here’s to a great way to start the week! Thanks for stopping by! And follow me and the Falcons on Instagram if you don’t already: @kevindliles, @atlantafalcons :-)

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