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Enter the World of Drag Racing Fans and the Nitro Experience

2015 NHRA GainesvilleIf you’ve never been to an NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) drag race, I definitely encourage you put on the list. Even if racing isn’t your fancy, the experience is unforgettable. First, the cars are the LOUDEST THING ON EARTH. Okay, maybe not, but pretty damn close. These 10,000 horsepower cars, shaking and rattling like they may fly apart at any minute (and sometimes do), shake your innards when they go by. I can’t even really explain the bone jarring power of these machines. Well, they go over 300 mph in a 1/4 mile, so that might help illustrate it.

NHRA Southern Nationals

dale worsham nhra drag racing

Strapped into the cockpit, funny car driver Dale Worsham waits in the staging lanes for his turn.

Going to Commerce, and Atlanta Dragway in particular, is like a homecoming for me. I lived in Commerce for several years while I was a kid, and I visited the track on many occasions with my father (I think he took me every chance he got). So it’s always special for me to be able to work in a place where my father and I shared so many great memories.