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Some people hate sitting in airplane window seats. I absolutely love them. For starters, I can lean my head against the wall (instead of a stranger’s shoulder) for a nap. And where else can you get aerial photographs as an added bonus for a trip?

The only problem is that it doesn’t always work out. Dirty windows, seats over the wing, flight attendants who strictly adhere to the no-operation-of-electronic-devices-below-10,000-feet rule — those are all problems that can easily prevent airplane window seat photography.

But many times it does work out. Below are a selection of images I made between my trip yesterday from Moscow to Atlanta (via NYC). The only problem I ran into (on the Moscow-to-Atlanta leg) was exhaust from the engine. My seat was at the rear of the right wing (if you’re sitting in the plane), and the engine exhaust (which looked like heat waves) made it hard to get some photographs. To avoid this, I just angled the camera down so I was shooting as straight down as possible (which is preferred in most instances, anyway).

All images taken with a Canon PowerShot G15




Above: This image, as well as the two above it were taken somewhere in Russia, not too far north of Moscow.20140228-IMG_0973

Above: Somwhere in Maine, according to Delta’s on board flight tracker. Everything below here was also taken in the States.20140228-IMG_098520140228-IMG_099020140228-IMG_0999

Above: This image and the next five images were taken in New York.20140228-IMG_100120140228-IMG_101620140228-IMG_103120140228-IMG_1034


I didn’t check the flight tracker when I took this one, but it’s south of New York.20140228-IMG_1052

Above: This crazy beam of light welcomed me home. It was on the descent into to Atlanta, somewhere just north of the city.20140228-IMG_1059

Above: ATL20140228-IMG_1062

Above: I love Delta’s classic sign at Hartsfield.

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    Bob Torok March 1, 2014

    What great shots and also what a great experience.

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