Hillary Clinton for The New York Times

Hillary in AtlantaHillary stopped in Atlanta last Friday, for the launch of the African Americans for Hillary at Clark Atlanta University. I have covered other political events, but this was my first time photographing the former First Lady. Political events are always insanely interesting to me … I get to see the candidate and their political machine up close. From Secret Service to how the crowds are managed, it’s all part of the show.

Hillary in AtlantaHillary in AtlantaCrowds push their way to the gate at the Clark Atlanta gymnasium. This was a couple hours prior to the event, and the fire marshal was not allowing more people inside the gym. Not sure if they ever made it inside.

Hillary in AtlantaHillary in Atlanta Hillary in Atlanta _L2_8435Hillary watches at protesters are led out by police.

Hillary in AtlantaA group of young adults interrupted Hillary’s speech by singing and chanting, all while holding a banner with the names of two black men killed recently by Atlanta Police. Here, Congressman John Lewis (left, blue shirt and tie) tries to calm them down. After 10 minutes or more of protesting, the crowd was escorted out by police.

Hillary in AtlantaPoliticians, including Dubose Porter (right), chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, talk on the floor following the event.

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