Trump Supporters and Diversity for The Washington Post

I shot this feature back in April for the Post, but considering the RNC is underway this week, I believe it’s still as timely as it was then. I photographed two people of color here in Atlanta, one who heads up the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and the other, a Tea Party activist who thinks Trump is alienating people of color.

This is Bruce Levell, owner of Dunwoody Diamonds and executive directory of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, a group that includes people from many races, religions and walks of life. “Donald Trump is a really, really good guy,” Levell said in the article. He defends charges against Trump that he is racist: “I swear, I don’t know where that’s coming from. This man is no more racist than Mickey Mouse is on the moon!”

And this is Simone Perry, a strategic partnership manager for Tea Party Patriots and a Ted Cruz supporter. She has a different take on Trump:

“We can no longer claim to be the party of freedom when we nominate a fascist, and we can’t be the party of opportunity if we decide a racist can represent our values,”

You can read the full story here:

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