Minorities Purged from Voter Rolls for The New York Times

It sounded like something from the 1960: About 180 minorities were purged from the voter rolls just before a major election where a white candidate won by a narrow margin (African-Americans make up about 85% of the population). But it wasn’t, it’s a situation that many in Sparta, Ga., have dealt with recently. The Times sent me there to take portraits of some of the main players in the story, and to document a bit of what life is like there.

Above is a portrait of Marion Warren, a Sparta elections official who alerted voting-rights advocates. You can read the full story here: http://nyti.ms/2aiAT4T

Mr. Warren at theĀ Palm Tree Restaurant just outside Sparta. Straw’s BBQ (above). Donnie Spencer (left) and Willie Smith hanging in a friend’s yard near downtown Sparta. Downtown Sparta. The 8-Ball Men’s Social Club, where I would’ve spent the better part of the day if I had the time.

John Hancock Academy, where mostly the vast majority of students are white.

Martee Flournoy, 32, one of those whose voter status was revoked by the Hancock County Board of Elections and Registration.


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