Throwback Uniforms for the Atlanta Falcons

hero_composite-1000I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to photograph a few Falcons players in the new throwback uniforms, which will be worn this Sunday (Oct. 23) against the Chargers, and again on Dec. 18 against the 49ers. I had about 4-5 minutes with each player, and the goal was to capture the uniform from several different angles, so the Falcons could use the images in composite (below) to announce on their website and social media. A big thanks to Michael Benford for making it all happen, and for donning Devonta’s helmet for light tests :-)

Below are few frames from the shoot, as well as some behind-the-scenes photos from the awesome Kara Durette. The above composite was made by the Falcons from individual portraits.

161005_falcons_black_uniforms_00891 161006_falcons_black_uniforms_0094 161005_falcons_black_uniforms_0352 161005_falcons_black_uniforms_0321 kevin-3 kevin-2



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