6th Congressional District for The Washington Post

I spent some more time in Georgia’s 6th congressional district earlier this week, this time for the Washington Post. I hung out in Roswell and Chamblee, photographing voters who were interviewed for the story. He asked about their thoughts on Trump and how they felt about the 6th district candidates. Nice story by Bob Costa, you can read it here: http://wapo.st/2sjRzDi.
Tuesday’s election should be very interesting, it’s already the most expensive House race in history.

Above photo: Downtown Roswell, Ga.
Mather Lindsay, a 46-year-old economist and father of three girls. “Trump’s self-inflicted wounds are my biggest disappointment,” he said. “He has squandered a huge opportunity to get all that done.”
William Almgren, 54, who voted for Trump but he’s not “100 percent in with Trump. He needs to calm down, stop the sensationalism. When the economy’s doing well, the country does well,” he said. “My advice is: remember that.”
Allison Thorne, 39, said she is “exhausted and disillusioned” over Trump, the media, the constant squabbling in Washington and the barrage of negative ads on TV. “I’m tired. It never stops,” she said. “Would I like to see things get done? Yes. But I doubt they will.”
Karen Handel, right, the Republican candidate for 6th district, talks with a supporter at Rheas III restaurant in Roswell.
Malone Dodson, 79, a longtime friend of Handel: “Faith, health, living condition and the economy, those are my issues,” Dodson said as he sat down with his sandwich. “My take on Trump is: better to leave him alone. He’ll straighten out and be fine.” Asked about the Russia investigation, Dodson said, “Quit paying attention to that and see the big picture. We need a good economy, good defense and good jobs and Trump’s doing it.”
“There’s not much flowing capital,” said Donald Hunt, 48, who works at a mill company, as he stopped by Old Brick Pit Barbeque in Chamblee. Hunt wouldn’t say whom he’ll choose. “Trump is out there, but I don’t think about him all of the time. Russia? C’mon, it’s all about China, man.”

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