NCAA Football National Championship for Sports Illustrated

As someone who grew up 20 miles from Athens, Ga., and in a household where Bear Bryant’s stature rivaled that of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, I fully understood how epic Monday’s game was. I know how bad Georgia fans craved another national championship — their last taste of one was way back in 1981, when Herschel Walker and Co. handled Notre Dame 17-10 in the Sugar Bowl. And I know how hard it is stop the seemingly undefeatable Nick Saban once his Tide gets rolling.

Though Georgia led the entire game, Alabama pulled through for their 16th national championship win. I’m so grateful to have had a front row seat to it all while on assignment for Sports Illustrated. Here are a few of my favorite images, thanks for stopping by!

This guy … I though he was gonna get a take down from security. But in the midst of his drunken screams to security that they were going to have to forcibly remove him, he gave me a couple thumbs up. He quietly left after backup arrived :-)

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