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3D Printing Prosthetics for The New York Times

150212_nyt_ethan_brown_1071Three-dimensional printing has always fascinated me. The fact that a device can “print” an object out of thin air is something I still have a hard time comprehending sometimes. So I was naturally thrilled when The New York Times called to ask if I would like to illustrate a story about how this technology is helping young children by giving them new hands. The Times sent me to Opelika, Alabama, to photograph 8-year-old Ethan Brown, who was born with three missing fingers on his left hand and uses a prosthetic hand made from a 3D printer.

Reaction to Immigration Changes for The New York Times


I spent 24 hours in Albertville, Ala., this week to document the reaction of President Obama’s sweeping changes to immigration policy for The New York Times. For this story, I worked with reporter Richard Fausset, a staffer with the Times. We believed there was a possibility of lots of celebration on the part of immigrants, especially those here illegally, considering Obama’s directive would shield many of them from the threat of deportation. But that wasn’t the case.