3D Printing Prosthetics for The New York Times

150212_nyt_ethan_brown_1071Three-dimensional printing has always fascinated me. The fact that a device can “print” an object out of thin air is something I still have a hard time comprehending sometimes. So I was naturally thrilled when The New York Times called to ask if I would like to illustrate a story about how this technology is helping young children by giving them new hands. The Times sent me to Opelika, Alabama, to photograph 8-year-old Ethan Brown, who was born with three missing fingers on his left hand and uses a prosthetic hand made from a 3D printer.

Ethan received his hand from the volunteer-run organization e-NABLE that makes prosthetic hands free of charge for children around the world. It was so amazing to witness him riding a bicycle, playing football, swinging from trees, things just about every boy his age does, but while wearing his “Cyborg Beast” (that is the model of the hand that is made by e-NABLE).

It only takes about $50 worth of materials, 20 hours of printing, and a couple hours of assembly to make one of the prosthetics. Pretty amazing, considering how much a child like Ethan’s life is changed by one of these devices. You can read the full story, which includes interviews and pictures from other children benefiting from e-NABLE, by clicking here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/17/science/hand-of-a-superhero.html.

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  1. I bet you were grateful for this opportunity. Kind of reminds me I have never “been all that” at anytime in my life. Humbling…

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